Katherine White

Katherine Updegraff White is a Kentucky artist working in oil, charcoal, and pen and ink. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, she has also lived in Georgia, Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio, and Montana in the US, as well as Canada, West Africa and Cambodia. She and her husband Barry have been blessed with seven children, four of whom are still living. In addition to being an artist, she also enjoys beekeeping, gardening, bow hunting, writing and teaching.

Katherine’s art is based on the premise that each one of us has the responsibility to share our perspective with others and grow through moving beyond our own small world. Any time we entertain another point of view, with art being an important way to do that, we expand our ability to engage with the creation and those around us.  Katherine’s work offers an opportunity to see through her eyes and heart, and to experience life with the heightened awareness of someone who has an intimate knowledge of her subject.

Her work is informed by her faith journey, her family, her training as a scientific and medical illustrator, a sense of place developed through 20 moves, and the farm where she and her husband live, farm, hunt, steward and conserve over 150 Kentucky acres.