Art Box

What’s that out in front of the Art Center?? Why…it’s an ART BOX! Hooray!

Modeled after the Little Free Libraries and Blessing Boxes you see around town, the Art Box is an outreach project that we use to engage with our community through art kits, interactive projects, and more.

In respect and celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., we have provided materials for a King hand wreath. King celebrated togetherness and connection which is represented in these art box materials. Once the wreath is created and cut out, write words of inspiration and community on each hand. Your wreath is complete!

For February and March, be sure to check back for projects focused on Kentucky’s Appalachia, which is the subject of our current exhibit, Appalachia on the Inside: Celebrating Kentucky’s Appalachian Art and Culture.

Pick up your free supplies each week in the Art Box starting at 11am!