Art Box

What’s that out in front of the Art Center?? Why…it’s an ART BOX! Yay!

Modeled after the Little Free Libraries and Blessing Boxes you see around town, the Art Box is an outreach project that we use as a distribution mechanism for small project kits.

Starting February 2, we are launching a ten-week collaboration with The Gladys Project. Look for new projects each week inspired by children’s books that celebrate diversity, kindness, and self-compassion.

The Art Box is stocked regularly, but not continuously. Give us a call at 859.236.4054 to find out if a project is currently available!

summer 2021

Stay creative this summer! Download our Summer Art Calendar or pick up a copy at the Art Center. We’ve got daily creative prompts for the month of June. Each Tuesday, the prompt is linked to supplies or an activity that you can pick up from the Art Box!