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The Art Center offers a variety of programs for teens and adults, including visual arts classes, arts appreciation lectures, a ceramics studio membership, and an art book club. Explore the programs below or click here to go straight to a list of upcoming classes for adults. Unless otherwise noted, adult classes are open to students ages 14 and up!


The basement of the Art Center is home to a large ceramics studio. Find out how to make the most of it.

Adult Classes

Enjoy a range of online art classes, workshops, and arts appreciation programs this summer.

Starry Night Studio

This isn’t your ordinary painting class – it’s a social painting experience! Depending on the painting, these classes are appropriate for children and adults.

Arts Appreciation

Everyone can enjoy looking at a painting or listening to a piece of music, but the more you know, the more your enjoyment grows.


See our full calendar of upcoming classes, workshops, and special events.


Need-based scholarships for children and adults are available for many programs.

Dementia Program

Beautiful Memories is a program for adults with dementia, and their caregivers. This program is modeled after “Meet Me at MOMA” at the Museum of Modern Art.

Guided Art Trips

We love traveling with other art-lovers to explore great museums and cultural attractions.

Art Book Club

Combine your love of art and your love of literature at our all-new Art Book Club.