Art Local

How do you #ArtLocal?

“Art Local” is a grassroots movement within the arts community whose purpose is to promote pride in, and support of, local and regional art and artists. Much like the “Shop Local” movement broadly supports small businesses, the Art Local movement highlights the importance of engagement with the arts on a local level.

“Art Local” can refer to taking art classes, participating in community theater, listening to a local band in your favorite restaurant, visiting local art galleries, or even creating your own artwork in your home with your kids. It is a phrase that is meant to inspire community members to see themselves as part of their local arts community.

Perhaps most importantly, “Art Local” is a cultural values statement, proudly proclaiming Danville’s commitment to the arts.

The Community Arts Center maintains an Art Local Facebook page in partnership with other arts organizations in the community. Follow the page for events and updates celebrating Danville’s arts community. 

Want to show your #ArtLocal pride? T-shirts are available for purchase from the Arts Center for $10. Stop by and get yours!

If you would like to use the Art Local graphic in your marketing materials – or to create cool local swag – you are welcome to do so! (Check out the mural at Plank on Main, below!)

Click here to download the design file. When using the Art Local graphic, please adhere to these Community Use Guidelines. They’re pretty straightforward!