At-Home Art Party

Wednesday, July 22
6pm to 8pm

We believe in the power of connecting with others through shared artistic experiences. Thus, we bring you the At-Home Art Party – an evening of collective creativity, facilitated online. This event was inspired by the long-standing Silent Reading Party in Seattle. If there is sufficient interest, we hope to make this a regular (monthly?) event. Here’s how it works:

1. Register for the At-Home Art Party using pay-what-you-can pricing, below. (Click here to jump to the registration).

2. Log in to the Zoom meeting on Wednesday, July 22nd at 6pm (you’ll get the login info several days before the event).

3. Make art! Really, that’s it. Every participant will be working on their own projects, but will still be part of the larger event community. Live piano music by Johann Van Niekerk will create the shared thread that ties our experience together.

4. Enjoy a small group discussion with other participants at the end of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a professional artist to participate?
Definitely not. This event is open to anyone. Please join us!

Can I talk to the other artists?
During the work time, all participants will be muted, except for our pianist. This eliminates distracting background noise and allows everyone to enjoy the music. You’ll have a chance to chat with fellow participants in the discussion groups at the end.

How do the discussion groups work?
After 90-minutes of work time, we’ll divide our participants into randomly-assigned small groups of about 4 or 5 people. You’ll be sent to a digital “breakout room” that allows you to chat with other participants for a half an hour. Learn about their work, share ideas, and just say hello to your fellow creatives!

The discussion rooms are optional. If you don’t want to participate, you can choose to leave the event at the end of the work time.

Do I have to be on camera?
Nope! We recommend pointing your camera at your artwork so that other participants can get a peek at the creative process. But it’s really up to you. You can be included in the shot, do a close-up of your work, or opt to keep your camera off entirely and just enjoy the music.

What’s with the ticket pricing?
The At-Home Art Party is a fundraiser for the Art Center. With our earned revenue streams still devastasted by COVID-19, we are looking for creative ways to raise the funds needed to fulfill our mission. Pay-what-you-can ticket pricing supports our organizational value of accessibility. If $10 works for you, great! If you want to write in your own amount, above $25 – also great!

What kind of art should I make?
It’s totally up to you. You can paint, draw, knit, sculpt, sew, write, or work on a coloring page. Any and all forms of creative expression are welcome. Except nude figure drawing. That one probably isn’t a good idea.

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What to expect: a sneak peek

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