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Exhibit Director Brandon Long publishes a monthly e-newsletter exclusively for practicing artists. Each newsletter includes a thought-provoking article as well as information about current and upcoming regional exhibits and calls to artists.

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Just Keep Going!

One of my favorite things about art and art making is that, unlike sports and many other hobbies or careers, you can start any time you want. You can keep growing and gaining new skills the whole time. There is no “best discovered by” date and no “expiration date” for artists – well, except for that…

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Lost Your Mojo? Just DRAW!

One would think that with all the time we now have at our disposal – thanks to the pandemic – that we artists would be cranking out work, churning out piece after piece. Maybe you are, and if so – great. But, for most artists I’ve talked to – that is not the case. I can admit that…

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Comfort in Uncertainty

Written by Brandon Long, Exhibitions Director, for the January 2021 Artists Only newsletter. Now more than ever, things are uncertain – and I’m using the term “things” as an all-inclusive term. Since the COVID-19 pandemic came around last year, it seems that everything has a tiny asterisk next to it, with a footnote at the bottom…

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The Last Artist on Earth

As an artist, you are driven to create art. Perhaps you create art to make a living or maybe you spend your hours making art as a hobby – but you keep coming back to it. As a creative individual, that need to create is an integral part of who you are. You simply cannot…

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