Our former Exhibit Director Brandon Long published a monthly e-newsletter exclusively for practicing artists. Each newsletter included a thought-provoking article as well as information about current and upcoming regional exhibits and calls to artists.

You can read past Artists Only articles below. We’re still discussing the best format for this publication going forward, but to get on the list, please email mara@artcenterky.org


The Hustle

I was recently invited to speak with a group of high school students on what it means to be a working artist. Although the focus of the class in attendance was art, the students were from a variety of backgrounds and interests – everything from business, forensics, theatre, even a few musicians were sprinkled in the…

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Creativity is a Renewable Resource

I often think of my ideas like crude stones put into a rock tumbler. They start out as rough, jagged and ugly, but given enough time rolling around in my brain, they can become polished, beautiful – maybe even valuable. Maybe even something other people would like to see themselves.  The ideas grind against other ideas, against…

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Just Keep Going!

One of my favorite things about art and art making is that, unlike sports and many other hobbies or careers, you can start any time you want. You can keep growing and gaining new skills the whole time. There is no “best discovered by” date and no “expiration date” for artists – well, except for that…

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