Featuring exhibits of regional and national artists, the Art Center embraces the diversity and talent within the artistic community. Our galleries provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work alongside established names, fostering a sense of collaboration and inspiration. Visitors can witness the dynamic range of artistic mediums, from painting and sculpture to photography, mixed media, and beyond. This celebration of regional and national artists supports and elevates creative endeavors from artists and curators while also providing an engaging experience for art enthusiasts and the wider public to appreciate.

If you are an artist or curator interested in exhibiting at one of our Art Center galleries, please download this PDF document for more information.

Current Exhibits

With the expansion and the new endeavors this year, the Art Center will feature a limited exhibition schedule.  

"Southern (?) Women" is an exploration of an evolving understanding of Southern femininity, including the unique experiences, identities, and narratives of women hailing from the American South. With a blend of personal narratives, artistic expressions, and poetry, this brings a deeper understanding of the complex social, cultural, and historical contexts that shape the lives of Southern women.  

“Southern (?) Women” is now on display through May 17 at the Art Center of the Bluegrass in Danville, KY. The show is comprised of two inter-related exhibits, along with educational opportunities for children and adults. This exhibit series has been successful at fostering visitor engagement with relevant topics.

Reception and Artist Open House will be held on March 21, 2024.

Lynda Rossartist
Tomisha Lovely-Allenartist
Lori Larussoartist

artS Appreciation series

The Arts Appreciation Lecture Series is a captivating program that celebrates the diverse world of arts and culture. This series brings together experts, scholars, and artists who share their knowledge, insights, and passion for various artistic disciplines. We hope the Arts Appreciation Series brings a deeper understanding and appreciation for the arts, fostering a lifelong love for creativity and cultural exploration.


lunch with the arts

Lunch with the Arts is held the first Wednesday of each month from noon – 1pm. 

The series begins in November.



evening with the arts

Evening with Arts is on Thursdays from 6 pm-7 pm. Evening with the Arts includes wine, beer, and cocktails for sale by the glass. The Art Center bar opens at 5:30 pm, prior to the event.



artworks series

This new series will be for creatives who would like to further their knowledge of the creative industry. More information is coming soon.



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local artist groups


gathering artists

Danville is an artistic community and there are several artist groups who meet regularly.  

Gathering Artists meet at the “Art Studio” at the Art Center on the second Saturday of every month at 10:15am. Contact below for further information.

Contact Lynda Ross

plein air artists

Plein Air Artists of Central Kentucky meet each Monday during season at a different outdoor location and at the “Art Studio” during the winter months. Contact below for further information.


Contact Joe Fogacs

Art Trips

In furthering our mission of connecting people to art, culture, and creativity, the Art Center of the Bluegrass organizes periodic guided art trips. In the past few years, the Art Center has led art trips to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, New York, Boston, London, and Paris.

We love traveling with other art lovers to explore great museums and cultural attractions.


artist markets

The Art Center will host artist markets once the ballroom space is renovated and open for business. Stay tuned for more information.


public art

The Art Center facilitates a public art committee for the community and acts as a resource for anyone interested in public art in the area.


Art Studios


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Art Studio Program

The art studio program gives artists a space to work, builds community, and brings artists an audience.  There are six art studios, four are located in the 401 West Main Street building and two are located in 409 West Main Street.  Studios are open to the public whenever the building is open.  Featured studio events are offered throughout the year.  Our current studio artists are:  Terrel Atwood, David Farmer, Katherine Uptegraff-White, Tony Richardson, & Sarah Wiltsee.