Giddyup Y’all!

February 6th is a date that has been branded into every Arts Center employee’s brain since October. February 6th is the day that our blockbuster exhibit opens its doors to the public, and it is a day that is approaching much faster than most of us would like. In the final weeks leading up to the opening, everyone has been in a whirlwind of activity to make sure the exhibit is bigger and better than ever.
wild west cover photo
On Saturday morning, Mary Beth, Brandon, Nancy and I met up and—armed with six trusty and gung-ho volunteers—proceeded to make the biggest whirlwind of productivity yet.

Wild West Volunteers We were the Arts Center’s very own Fantastic 4 (or should I say 10), painting, sanding, sawing, cleaning, hammering, and sweeping. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and staff, we put a serious dent in the long to-do list that will make this exhibit unforgettable for children and families. As I was painting with Mary Beth and Nancy, I watched Brandon scamper about, giving directions here, lifting a plywood board there, spray painting and sanding, joking all the while. All of our volunteers were deeply immersed in their respective tasks, and there was a buzz in the air as I saw major tasks getting done.

It was quite a feeling seeing our big ideas finally come to life. We’ve been planning this exhibit for four months, and now it’s finally here! Best of all, the entire staff is pulling together in these final days and making it all happen, even if that means working some extra Saturdays and putting in long hours. And though I left the Arts Center on Saturday splattered with paint and sawdust, footsore and tired from lugging poles and boards around, I was happy. I know this year’s exhibit will be one of our best, and I can’t wait for the community to see it. February 6th, here we come!