GoodGiving Guide Challenge: Week 2 Recap

GGG logo2013At the close of Week 2 of the GoodGiving Guide Challenge, more than $338,000 in donations and $80,000 in prizes have been received by nonprofits. And one of those prizes is the Lexmark printer we won by raising $500 last Monday! This is a piece of equipment we were in great need of, so we extend our thanks to you, your generous donations and your social media support for meeting that need!

Coming soon is Lottie Ellis Match Day, where the Boyle County Community Fund will match 50 cents for every dollar donated to any Boyle County nonprofit that is participating in the Challenge. (Up to $1,000 per donor and $20,000 total). This means a $50 donation could turn into $75, or a $100 gift into $150, and so on. We don’t know when that day will be yet, so stay tuned!

As of today, the Community Arts Center has raised $3,295 from 35 unique donors. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and for helping us spread the word by forwarding our emails and sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter. If you missed it, here’s our latest email update which includes a story from Clif Jones, a “grandbuddy” in the Arts Cart outreach program.

In addition to following us on social media, be sure you’ve subscribed to our enewsletters to make sure you don’t miss anything! Follow #GoodGivingGuideChallenge on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all the 107 other nonprofits participating in the Challenge!

Today we extend warm Arts Center thank you to the following individuals for donating to us during the second week of the GoodGiving Guide Challenge:

Lindsay Chelf
Margo Goodwin
Barbara Hall
Steve Hoffman
Niki Kinkade
Nancy Martindale
Paula Meckes
Matt Sirasky
Mariel Smith
Mary Beth Touchstone
Carrie Truitt

carrie resizedThanks again for your continued support!!

Development Director