The Lottie Ellis Match is ON, and you could win a Starry Night Studio for you and 9 friends!

The Lottie Ellis Match Challenge has begun! Thanks to the Boyle County Community Fund, your donations can now go even further. With the Lottie Ellis challenge, 50 cents will be matched for every dollar donated to each of the five Boyle County nonprofits participating in the GoodGiving Guide Challenge, and the Community Arts Center is one of them!  
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This means that a $50 donation turns into $75, a $100 gift becomes $150, and so on up to a $1,000 gift. Since the Lottie Ellis match began at 8 a.m. this past Monday, the Community Arts Center has raised $4,910! We are so very thankful for our the following Lottie Ellis donors so far:
Amy Bessin
Michael Braun
Nettie Brown
Elsa Carlson
Rebecca Chatham
Chelsea Compton

David Cornwell
Marti Dickerson

Larry Fitch
Russel Goodwin
Barbara Hall
Kasey Hill
Steve Hoffman

Jennifer Hunt
Cailyn Huston

Niki Kinkade

Maureen Kochmann
Pierce Lively
Barbara Lockhart
Gerald Lunney
Nancy Martindale
David Maynard
Paula Meckes
Myrna Miller
Yvonne Morley
Paul Muth

Mary Quinn Ramer
Judy Schaefer

Matt Sirasky

Mariel Smith
Paige Stevens
Will you join these generous individuals and make a Lottie Ellis match gift TODAY? It’s a quick and easy process, just visit our giving page to make your contribution.

Starry Night Studio private partyAs an extra incentive, you can now win a private Starry Night Studio through the Lottie Ellis Match Challenge! Become eligible with every gift made from now until the Lottie Ellis match funds are exhausted. Every $10 will get you one chance to win a private party for you and nine of your friends. You can up your odds with larger gifts: $20 = 2 chances, $50 = 5 chances, and so on. Get your gift in today because you never know when the Lottie Ellis Match Challenge will be gone!

You can also help us make the most of this match challenge by signing up for our emails and forwarding those to your friends, and also by sharing our Facebook and Twitter posts with your personal social media networks.

Carrie Truitt
Please contact me if you have any questions!
Development Director