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That’s a wrap on the GoodGiving Guide Challenge!

January 2, 2014

GoodGiving Guide Challenge 2013Something exciting is happening in our community and it is all because of YOU! The GoodGiving Guide Challenge was a huge success for the Community Arts Center. We could not be more thrilled at how you showed your support! From Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, 114 donors made 129 contributions raising $14,485 in support of the Community Arts Center’s education initiatives. Even more exciting is that this total does not include matching funds, like the Banker’s Challenge, the Buzzer Beater, and Lottie Ellis. We’ll find out the true total on Feb. 7 at the GoodGiving Guide Challenge wrap party.

For many children and adults, fulfillment will come on the stage, at the piano, or with a paint brush in hand.Thanks to our generous supporters, the Arts Center will continue to offer educational programs that reach more than 5,000 central Kentucky children each year.

You may recall that we awarded every donor during the Lottie Ellis Match Challenge a chance to win a private Starry Night Studio party for every $10 they donated. Now that the challenge has ended, we have randomly selected a winner: Janak Talwalkar. Congratulations Janak!

THANK YOU for making our first foray into the GoodGiving Guide Challenge a success! You can learn more about the programs your support makes possible by visiting our website, or contact me to schedule a visit to see what a difference you’re making.

Carrie Truitt
Development Director

Thanks again to our match sponsors Farmers National Bank and Hudson Ellis Fund, and to all of our GoodGiving Guide Challenge donors!

Susie Allen
Jane Andrus
Gary Barkman
Linda Barnard
Russ Barragan
Kelley Bell
Amy Bessin
Virginia Birney

Michael Braun
Nettie Brown
Pat Bruce
Jennifer Brummett
Cari Calico
Elsa Carlson
Rebecca Chatham
Lindsay Chelf
Tyler Chelf
Judy and Gene Clabes
Laura Cliburn
Community Trust Bank
Allison Compton
Chelsea Compton
Pat Compton
David Cornwell
Allan Crain
Kathlyn Crown-Weber
Georgia De Araujo
Phil Denton
Elise DeVinney
Stephanie Dew
Marti Dickerson
Janelle Dishman
Sharon Duncan
Cindy Ellsworth
David Farmer
Katheryn Fister
Larry Fitch
Cynthia Frey
Margo Goodwin
Russell Goodwin
Morgan Griffin
Stephanie Griffin
Steven Griffin
Richard Groves

January Haile
Barbara Hall
Matthew Hallock
Mary Hamlin
Sarah Hempel
Amanda Hendershot
Terry Hewitt
Kasey Hill
Morton H Hoagland
Steve Hoffman
Gordon and Gail Howe
Susan Hundstad
Jennifer Hunt
Cailyn Huston
Fox Hutt
Paul Jett
Allison Kaiser
Dawna Kelch
Benjamin Kelley
Dale and Shan Kihlman
Niki Kinakde
Maureen Kochmann
Eileen Langer
William R. Levin
Pat Liebschutz
Pierce Lively
Barbara Lockhart
Kristin Long
Nancy Long
Anne Lubbers
Gerald H Lunney
Sherry Martin
Nancy Martindale
David Maynard
Rebecca McConnell
Gaynella McGuire

Paula Meckes
Laura Merritt
Myrna Miller
Marsha Moors-Charles
Yvonne Morley
Melanie Morrett
Paul Muth
Alicia Nickens
Charlotta Norby
William Ogles
E.G. Plummer
Mary Quinn Ramer
Jo Ann Rice
Judy Schaefer
Dennis Schrock
Lauren Serey
Helen Shultz
Matt Sirasky
Sister Cities Commission
Mariel Smith
Tillie Sowders
Joan Stansbury
Paige Stevens
Janak Talwalkar
Sheldon Tapley
Jeffrey Thornton
C.M. Touchstone
Mary Beth Touchstone
Carrie Truitt
Madelyn Twyman
Andrea Ware
Sally Warfield
Georgia West
Diane White
Patricia Williams