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REflections from a grown-up Girl Scout

February 20, 2014

Re Woodlawn Kindergarten Junk Band JamI was a Girl Scout from kindergarten until I graduated high school. Now, as a college student, I think that what I did and learned in Girl Scouts were some of the most influential parts of my life. One activity that I remember doing a lot, was taking items and recycling them into different art projects or other useful items. I think that is why I love the Re exhibit so much. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of taking things around me and recreating them into something new. I think that this taught me a very valuable lesson: almost everything can be turned into something else. And there is always a sense of pride out of making something, whether from new or repurposed materials.

I love being an intern at the Community Arts Center because I feel like I get to pass on a little of that joy to kids in the Danville community. The current exhibit is socool and there are so many things to do and see. There is a can crusher, a huge flower garden made entirely out of recycled materials, and an awesome room with instruments made from found objects.

This morning we had a group of kindergarten’s from Woodlawn Elementary come for a field trip. I did not get to spend any time with them (boo, class… JK, I love you Dr. Bosco), but looking at pictures made my heart sing a little bit. From what I have heard, they had a ton of fun rocking on the instruments and making paper flowers.
Re paper dolls
This Saturday, everyone ages 8 to 108 will have the opportunity not only to see all the cool stuff that we have regularly, but also to participate in our REpurposed Paper Dolls Class. They will have the opportunity to make cute paper dolls from recycled materials that they can take home with them. I highly encourage you to bring your kids or yourself to join in this activity.

Just looking around at the exhibit, there is so much to draw inspiration from. Walking around the exhibit last weekend, I said to my parents “Looking at this stuff (especially Mark Wilhelm’s giant bear) makes me want to go out and do it myself.” And if that doesn’t capture the spirit of what this exhibit is about, I don’t know what does. For me, it is heartwarming to walk around the Arts Center and hear kids say “I could do this!” or “I want to find the stuff to make one of these.” That is what I learned growing up, and it is wonderful to be able to pass it on.

Re Square Bear and Jillian
Alyssa Watson

Centre College Class of 2015
Community Arts Center intern, 2013-14