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Walk Softly Films at Lunch with the Arts

March 18, 2014

Walk Softly Films Space CopsRegular attendees of the Community Arts Center’s Lunch with the Arts series have experienced a wide variety of artists from multiple disciplines- recently including photographer Guy Mendes, magician Bob Orndoff, visual artist Mark Wilhelm and many more. For the next Lunch with the Arts at the Boyle County Library, Danville will get a taste of an art form that is hard to come by first hand in Kentucky – filmmaking!

This Wednesday, join Scott Stafford and Todd Sheene of Walk Softly Films for an interactivediscussion of film as an art form and everything that makes it great. Scott and Todd will answer any and all questions about the filmmaking process, share some clips of their work and discuss their experiences with indie filmmaking in Kentucky. They’ll also cover the film festival circuit and reveal the absolute best way to get kicked out of a nature reserve.

“[We’ll talk about] the differences between working inside and outside the studio system – or more specifically, with lots of money and with no money whatsoever!” says Scott. “We’ll share our thoughts about the film festival circuit, and if people have questions, the more the better. We might not know all of the answers, but we’ll certainly act like we do.”

Bizarnival Walk Softly FilmsWalk Softly Films is made up of three Kentucky natives: Allen Martin, Todd Sheene and Scott Stafford. With years of video production experience under their belts and the desire to eliminate any trace of free time from their lives, the three men decided to attempt feature film production. In 2009 they completed their first feature, Cannonball, a film that went on to win the best Original Feature award at the 2010 World Independent Film Expo. After the success of that film, Walk Softly Films has gone on to produce Bizarnival, a short film currently enjoying a successful festival tour. They are currently producing a web series entitled Space Cops.

Noon–1 p.m. Wednesday at the Boyle County Public Library  
The early deadline for a boxed lunch from Melton’s Deli has passed, but please bring your lunch and join us! There’s a $5 suggested donation at the door for the program only.