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Join us for a new film festival! We promise to keep it “short-n-sweet”

July 2, 2014

Short-n-Sweet Film FestivalThe Arts Center staff likes to talk to people in and around Boyle County about the visual and performing art that they enjoy and that they want to see from the Community Arts Center. We’ve been getting some feedback from kids and adults that they really missed having an outdoor film festival of independent, locally grown short films in downtown Danville. So we thought, why not start one ourselves?

We decided to call it Short-n-Sweet Film Festival and made it our goal to highlight the best beginner, amateur and semi-professional Kentucky (short) filmmaking talents. Anyone with a smartphone can get in on the action too, by submitting a Vine video (more on that in a minute). Right now, make sure you mark your calendar for Friday, Aug. 15 at 8 p.m. in Constitution Square.

“This event is designed to address a certain demographic that may respond more to tech-based art and storytelling than traditional media such as painting, drawing and sculpting,” says our programming director Brandon Long (aka Daddy Hojo on this blog). “Video is a medium that is highly visual, but also delves into music, movement and storytelling in a way thatmay be more accessible to a broad audience. In the past, the equipment required for successful filmmaking only allowed those with deep wallets to engage in this medium, but now we see a proliferation of filmmaking technology in the form of smartphones, webcams, and even most point-and-shoot cameras have a video feature. Now that everyone has access to this equipment, we want to see what happens when creativity takes center stage!”

If you’re in to social media at all, you’ve probably heard of Vine, a smartphone application launched last year that captures and shares up to six seconds of video on a continual loop. These brief moments are often silly, musical or inspirational, and insanely creative – a lot of great stop-motion animation can be found on Vine!

The general public is welcome to attend the Short-n-Sweet Film Festival at no charge. If you’re an aspiring filmmakers (of any age), we’re keeping the entry fees pretty cheap: $5 per short film (up to 10 minutes long) and $1 per Vine (up to six seconds long). Films are expected to be family-friendly (PG equivalent, please), and films by all ages and skill levels will be considered for viewing!

Prizes will be awarded by community judges to the best film in each of five categories: comedy short, dramatic short, documentary short, challenge short and Vine. We’ll also give away an Audience’s Choice award, to be determined by the viewing audience!

Here’s an example of an Arts Cart project
at McDowell Place that we turned into a quick Vine

To qualify for the challenge short category, films must incorporate a banana peel, an image of the Mona Lisa, a reference to Ephraim McDowell, exactly $4.01, a scene shot in front of or inside the Community Arts Center, and the phrase “I’ll just keep it short-n-sweet, you can judge me if you want.”

Films do not have to be new to be considered for a prize or the screening, and can be films that have been entered in other film festivals. Depending on the amount of entries received, some films may not be shown during the festival on Aug. 15.

Here’s the entry form with all of the details you need to submit your film!

If you’re working on a short film or want to share your Vines with us before the deadline, use #shortnsweetfilmfest on Twitter and Vine so that we can follow your progress! As always you can follow us at @ArtsCenterKY on Twitter and www.vine.co/ArtsCenterKY.

Short-n-Sweet Film Festival
Friday, Aug. 15 at 8 p.m.
Constitution Square, on Main Street in downtown Danville
Free admission
Entry deadline: Aug. 1. $5 per short film, $1 per Vine.