Don’t forget – we have Starry Night Studios for kids, too!

Big Red
Paint your own Big Red  (or Big Blue, Big
Purple, or Big Green!) this Sunday.

One of the most popular programs here at the Community Arts Center is Starry Night Studio, a group painting experience (we like to call it “the social painting experience”) where each participant completes the same painting in about two hours. Many local teens and adults have participated in a Starry Night Studio or heard about them from friends, but not many people know yet about special “Grown Up & Me” Starry Night Studios for children under 12 and their parents or guardians.

These classes give children the opportunity to paint their own masterpiece on a real canvas. We provides one canvas per child, the use of all the necessary paints and brushes, and an instructor. Adults and children work together to create their own unique piece of art. (You can also bring your favorite snacks and drinks, too! Just be sure not to mix up your O.J. with your paintbrush cup).

Krista Rinehart became a Starry Night Studio instructor after bringing her daughter to a “Grown Up & Me” class last year.

“My favorite part of the Starry Night Studios – either the adult or kids classes – isseeing people have so much fun after they come in scared or convinced they can’t do it,” says Krista. “In every class there’s at least one person who swears they aren’t the least bit artistic and that theirs is going to be terrible, but then in the end everybody’s paintings always look great! I love the kids classes especially for this reason because I think it’s great to show them at a young age that trying something new – even if you are sure you’ll be terrible at it – is worth it.”

“Everyone’s painting looks different but they always look great, so the kids get to learn that trying something new is a good thing,” she continued. “And I think these kinds of classes are a great outlet for that lesson because there is no right or wrong answer or way to do things in art.”

Starry Night Studio: Grown Up & Me classes are scheduled throughout the year, typically on Sunday afternoons. The next one, taught by Paula Whitaker, is this Sunday, July 13 at 3 p.m. We’re painting, “Big Red,” a fun-loving dinosaur that any parent or child will be proud to hang on a bedroom or playroom wall. 

When you register for this Starry Night Studio: Grown Up & Me, you’ll be asked what color you’d like to paint your dinosaur! You and your child could turn Big Red into a Big Blue, Big Green, Big Pink, etc.

Still not sure you should try it? Check out our Starry Night Studio photo album on Facebook to see what you’ve been missing out on!

Starry Night Studio Grown Up & Me
Big Red (choose your own color!)
Sunday, July 13, 3 to 5 p.m.
$25 per child. Register now.

 Starry Night Studios make great birthday party, family reunion and graduation celebration activities for all ages! To schedule your own private party Starry Night Studio, call our executive director Mary Beth at 859-236-4054.