Quilt Like A Hipster

May 14, 2015

Quilt Like A Hipster. Fun Quilts by Joni Morgan exhibit set for June, July 2015

 by Joni Morgan, Exhibiting Artist
“Door Into Summer” will be on exhibit along with 33 other quilts.

For the past six weeks I have been busy preparing what I call, “My Body of Work.” I am so honored to be the featured artist for the months of June and July at the Community Arts Center in my hometown of Danville, Kentucky. I am delighted to share my style of quilting for all those interested and for those that happen to come in just to see what is hanging at the Arts Center. At last count there will be 34 of my quilts on display.

The Community Arts Center is a beautiful building with high ceilings, tall windows and marble floors that once served as the U.S. Post Office and later office to a U.S. Sixth Circuit Court Judge. My exhibit will be in the grand hall of this fabulous building that sits prominently on the corner of Main and Fourth Streets, next to the Boyle County Courthouse. Not every small town is as lucky as Danville to have such grand buildings and to house an arts center for all to enjoy.

There will be a reception for my exhibit from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Thursday, June 4. The reception is also part of  the bi-monthly Gallery Hop. The Gallery Hop features local artists within a three block area. Local businesses open their stores and offices for the evening so the artists can display their work. This is another great tradition in our active small town. And if that is not enough, June 5-7 is the Great American Brass Band Festival with fun activities all weekend, including a Brass Band parade on Saturday morning, June 6. There will be brass bands from all over the country coming to town and playing all weekend in this free outdoor concert on the grounds of Centre College. So bring your lawn chairs for this event and stop by and see my quilt exhibit on the way.

Oh and I need to make mention about the exhibit title. The Arts Center called and said the exhibit needed a title. I gave it some thought and came up with, “Quilt Like a Hipster, Fun Quilts by Joni Morgan.” I’m really not of full fledged hipster, but I do enjoy hipster activities such as riding my bike to work, gardening, canning and quilting. My  sons often tease me about being a hipster. I thought the hipster title was appropriate for my unique quilting style and the exhibit.