After One Class, We Were Hooked

“We moved to Danville from Athens, GA, where we were spoiled with lots of community activities for kids.  So when we moved here, the first thing my husband did was search out similar opportunities.

After one Munchkin and Me class, both little Marvin and Daddy Marvin were hooked.  We are not very artistic, being very science-minded, so we enjoy the opportunity for our son to be exposed to art.  And he LOVES painting and coloring.

My husband and I both believe that introducing Marvin to a variety of things, such as art or music or physical activity will encourage him to develop his own interests through exposure. I also think he is learning that playing with creative mediums is fun.  That making things is exciting. We love it!”

~Jessica Groves-Chapman

Munchkin & Me is a drop-in art program for young children with their families. Children ages 18 months to 4 years (with a grown-up!) explore different art activities each week with the help of a fabulous instructor. Munchkin & Me is subsidized by community donations. You can make a donation today!