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Why the Youth Showcase Is Important

June 11, 2015

Each spring, community donations underwrite a youth showcase at the Community Arts Center. Basically, we fill the Arts Center with art created by students in local schools. Lots and lots of art.

Some of the art is awesome because these teenagers are seriously talented. Some of it is awesome because it was made with joy by kindergarten students.

All of it is awesome because it celebrates young people. Here’s what two teachers had to say about the show:

“I cannot bribe my students with gold to get them to come to events outside of school. But they come to this show. It’s such a sense of pride for them to see their work displayed.” ~ Shelly Stinnet (Art Teacher, Danville High School)

This young artist's family brought her flowers at the show's opening reception because they were so PROUD of her. So were we!

This young artist’s family brought her flowers at the show’s opening reception because they were so PROUD of her. So were we!

“They’re all so proud of their work.  The exhibit is selective, and they know it’s a big deal. I’m so pleased for them to be recognized for their artistic skills instead of the focus always being on sports.” ~ Carol Taylor (Art Teacher, Junction City Elementary School)

The common denominator in those quotes is PRIDE. Whether they’re first graders or seniors in high school, having their work on display at the Arts Center is a Big Deal for kids. (Heck, it’s a big deal for grown-ups, too!)

Your donations to the Arts Center make exhibits like the spring youth showcase possible. Your support allows us to tell the whole world how very proud we – and you! – are of these students. Thanks for that!

The Youth Showcase includes the High School Artist Project and the Youth Art Fair. This year’s Youth Showcase was presented by PNC Bank .The High School Artist Project is sponsored by the Ephraim McDowell Health Foundation and the Boyle County 4-H Council.  The Youth Art Fair has been an annual tradition for more than a decade, with ongoing support from the Arts Commission of Danville-Boyle County.

High School Artist Project