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Why Are There Geese In The Building?

June 18, 2015

There are flying geese at the Arts Center. And a log cabin. And a bear’s paw. They’re all hanging out together on the first floor.

Okay, full disclosure: they’re quilt patterns. Matching up quilt patterns with their (often funky) names is one of the activities in the Quilting Discovery Lab.

After admiring the work of quilter Joni Morgan – on display in the Grand Hall – Arts Center visitors are encouraged to stop by the Quilting Discovery Lab for hands-on, quilt-related activities. Visitors can create a fabric scrap collage, experiment with new quilt patterns, try their hand at stitching embellishments, identify quilt patterns, create quilt designs on the light table, or share a story about a quilt that has special meaning to them.

There are a range of activities appropriate for every age, from young children through adults.

The activities in the Quilting Discovery Lab were made possible by a grant from the Hudson-Ellis Funds. We are excited to be offering for more hands-on activities that support our exhibits, thanks to the support of this great community partner!

Discovery Lab - Quilting