My Night at a Starry Night Bachelorette Party

by Ivan Talley, Marketing Intern

One evening this summer, I had the pleasure of attending a Starry Night studio as a paint waiter. Despite the fact I am not a great painter, I had been interested in attending one of these sessions. My interest about tripled when I was informed of the details for the night I had signed up for. This private event was actually a part of a night out for a Bachelorette Party. Yes let me repeat that, Bachelorette Party. I don’t know about you but my initial thought of a Bachelorette Party does not include a night of painting, in fact it is something quite opposite. Yet somehow as the night went a long I began to change my mind on what the stereotype could be.

Three rows of canvas and paint focused towards the front of the room where the paint director was giving instruction and painting her own example for the women to follow. Along with the class instructor’s personal copy, the front of the room featured two previously painted examples with slight differences such as background and vase color. This gave the women many different ideas and space for creativity to decide how they wanted to paint their own. The event was also special because it was hosted in the back event room at Liquor Barn. This allowed the women to spice up the mood a little bit more with alcohol and food.

As I stood with the paint sporadically inquiring the women if they needed paint, they casually sipped their wine and painted their flowers in laughter. Breaking the stereotype of a wild Bachelorette Party and having fun was quite easy to do! It is amazing how something as simple as painting with your close friends and family can make your special day even more memorable. The Community Arts Center puts on many events such as Starry Night Studio that make for a great night out. I can’t wait to complete a Starry Night Studios myself.