Meet the Artists #5

May 21, 2019

By: Jane Dewey – Art Festival Committee
May 19, 2019

In 2017 when Danville, Boyle County, and Perryville unveiled a new brand campaign centered around the theme “Historically Bold”, Steve Chandler of Chandlerthinks challenged our community asking “What would you expect from a place that is historically bold?” I believe that the case could be made that every participating artist in the Danville Arts Festival portrays characteristics of being bold, making strong artistic choices and providing unique interpretations in each piece they create. There is boldness inherent in the Danville Arts Festival, its creators and the Great American Brass Band Festival. Combining the art festival with the music festival, while a logical choice, required some boldness on the part of the leadership of each organization.

Our next two artists exhibit boldness in their artwork and also in their individual artistic stories. Doug Brink fell in love with pottery after deciding to take pottery lessons with a local potter. Lazy Beagle Pottery was formed soon after and Doug and co-owner David Delaney started their artistic journey. “Lazy Beagle” honors their first rescue dog Apple and that story goes that her only exercise was jumping off one couch, going to eat, and jumping back on another couch!  Their pottery is all wheel thrown or hand built and is food, oven, and dishwasher safe! Boldness shows as they continue growing their “hobby” into a more fulltime artistic endeavor. Follow Doug’s Lazy Beagle Pottery Facebook page to learn more about his pottery.

Man-made glass dates back to approximately 3500 BC and glass has a long history of being used to create both functional and decorative objects. Artist Brad Bickel crafts glass into one-of-a kind pieces of jewelry using a specific process ensuring that no two pieces are ever the same. As a child Bickel loved doodling and drawing. It was in college at Anderson University that he first began working with glass. He now develops his own exclusive patterns that become pendants, bracelets, earrings and abstract pieces. Check out Brad Bickel’s designs on his Facebook page to get a sneak peek before the Festival

What would I expect from a community that is historically bold? I would look for that community to take chances and make bold statements. I would want that community to honor the past while looking towards creating new experiences. I think you’ll find those answers and more reflected in the artwork you see as you meander through the artist booths at the 2019 Danville Art Festival. After all, each year the Brass Band Festival makes new stories contributing to the rich traditions of Danville and Boyle County. This year I’ll be celebrating one of the newest parts of that story, one of the newest traditions of our “Historically Bold” community, the Danville Art Festival. I’m hoping you’ll join me!