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Introducing Art Center of the Bluegrass

July 19, 2019

More than 15 years ago, a dedicated group of art-lovers came together through a shared vision: to transform the old downtown federal building into an artistic hub for the community. Today, we are excited to announce the next chapter of our story.

The founders of the Community Arts Center believed this effort would “help define our view of ourselves as a community, demonstrating to all who visit that we recognize the importance of nurturing the human condition through the arts.”

Today, the organization embodies that vision, serving as a creative catalyst not just for Danville but for the entire southern Bluegrass. Recognizing and embracing the important role that the organization plays for the region, we are moving forward under the name Art Center of the Bluegrass.

Our mission is to connect people to art, culture, and creativity.

What can you expect from the Art Center of the Bluegrass? The same passion, creativity, and fun you know and love – plus new programs, classes, exhibits, and events that showcase the tremendous power of the arts to transform communities.

The Art Center of the Bluegrass will be the leading visual art center of the region, characterized by innovation, adaptability, engaged partnerships, and excellence in exhibits and programs.

Join us – the future is beautiful!

Niki Kinkade
Executive Director