Alexis Branscum

December 23, 2020

29.5″ x 24″ | Acrylic on Canvas

A portrait inspired by Whole Lotta Red, the album title discovered on August 8, 2018 by Playboi Carti. Deciding to paint Playboi Carti was easy because I have been a fan of his music since my junior year of high school in 2015. During this time, SoundCloud was one of the leading music streaming services and underground rappers were all the rage. Carti always made his way into my playlist.

Since then he has evolved from SoundCloud rap to alternative hip hop by introducing rockstar elements into his songs, which I couldn’t help but enjoy even more. Being one of the few black kids at high school school that listened to rock music and hip hop, I appreciated that there was a music artist who could represent both of my worlds. His music has been impactful on my experience as an African American by taking the aesthetic of my favorite rock bands as a kid and representing that in a brand new way. 

Whole Lotta Red has made a name for itself in hip hop culture as an urban legend. To this day it holds the reputation of “the album that will never be released,” though It has been rumored recently that Carti may actually release the album. Then again they are rumors. The fans will never truly know when the album releases, and more than likely will hear more song snippets on his Instagram Live until then. It would be a miracle if he’s released it by the time you’re reading this.