Germaine Dunn

December 23, 2020

Germaine Dunn is one of the Art Center’s three artists-in-residence. You can read more about him here! Germaine has two pieces in the Call and Response exhibit.

Corner of Hopes and Dreams
11″ x 14″ | India Ink and Acrylic on Paper

This piece signifies Martin Luther King as seen in these times, wearing a hoodie and yet never trading sight of our dreams for other people’s opinions of us.

11″ x 14″ | screenprinting ink on paper

This piece was inspired by the term KING used by ethnic groups to inspire our black men by acknowledging each other to say, ‘I see you and I’m proud of your accomplishments’ or just to say you appreciate one another. It’s to build character between our culture. Every color is symbolic as blue represents love, yellow -beauty. red -sacrifice and black- spiritual maturity, all of which signify not just descriptions of how we should uphold and view one another but it bears my own personal progress and view of self.