Nick Lacy

December 23, 2020

Nisa and Eddie
24″ x 36″ | Digital Photograph

“Two different worlds collide trying to understand each other. One wanting a world full of love – the other wanting the world to stay the same, knowing it’s filled with hate.” 
-quote from Nissa Ingram, the woman in the photo

24″ x 36″ | Digital photograph

The length of time it took for a man’s life to pass with the knee of a cop on his neck.

For nothing.
A black man.
A white cop.

Eight minutes and forty-six seconds is a long time.
Especially when you are being killed.

For nothing.

June 2 saw hundreds of people, all sorts of people, gather in common, in community, to protest, to sing, to chant, to march…to do something for justice, for their consciences.  For their anger.  

24″ x 36″ | Digital photograph

Camryiah was a force unto her own at a gathering after the Louisville grand jury failed to indict any of the LMPD officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor. Fist in the air, “SAY HER NAME” on her lips, and chalking glyphs meaning things only to her, Camryiah was some one, some woman, who reinforced the thought dominating the summer: that the kids are all right.