Isabella La Rocca González

January 8, 2021

Justice for George Floyd BLM Demonstration, June 2, 2020, Danville, Kentucky
by Isabella La Rocca González
Digital photograph
$250 for the first of an edition of 10

My life’s greatest purpose is to help bend the arc of history toward justice. As an artist, it is part of my mission to depict the beauty of people as they speak truth to power. Protests, marches, and demonstrations galvanize movements, and inspire hope and positive action. It is essential to document these events especially so that people who do not attend become aware and encouraged to aid the cause.

Particularly because Danville is a small town in the South, Black Lives Matter demonstrations illustrate that the quest for justice and equality exists all over the country. We all understand that Black lives matter. Demonstrations like those in Danville give me hope that now, at last, we are on the brink of making the deep systemic changes necessary to put that understanding into practice.