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LaChrista Ellis

November 3, 2022

LaChrista Ellis is a single mother born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. She graduated from Danville High School and received her Bachelor’s in Studio Art from Kentucky State University in 2002. Following her graduation, she was accepted at the University of Kentucky for a Master’s of Fine Arts degree and although she did not complete her studies, she traveled on to Georgia where she became an art gallery manager.

She is known for doing live art, pop art, and portraitures. She has a passion for the Arts. Most recently, she has enjoyed exploring the world of neuro art, developing a style that incorporates better use of a plastic space while utilizing vibrant color pallets. She uses contour line thickness and conventional patterns to finesse her paintings and as a pop artist, she has also begun to explore using monoprints. She takes great pleasure in exploring different art forms.

Because of the many challenges she has overcome throughout her life, she also uses her art to conduct workshops called Art As Therapy which aids creatives who need and want to heal past hurt by using creative artistic expression as a tool. She loves art culture, and she enjoys being around creative people.

The Art Center of the Bluegrass is committed to elevating BIPOC artists by providing a sponsored Artist in Residency for one year.  We send a special thank you to the Isaiah House who continues to sponsor this program in order to emphasize the importance of art in everyone’s life.