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Canaan Vaage

December 15, 2022

Connections Artist Spotlight – Claraty Arts

Canaan Vaage rocks in the chillest way possible! Art, music and a “no rush” demeanor, Vaage can talk at length about these two subjects for which he is most passionate. If life is a highway, Vaage is cruising with the top down blasting Mozart’s Forty First Symphony while sporting the coolest sunglasses on the planet; yet he will also take the time to stop cruising to smell the flowers. He is a member of Claraty Arts, an organization committed to the equality and empowerment of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

He has worked with printmaking, acrylic paints, pencil, and other kinds of mixed media. He is currently working on a body of work about nature, and his personal beliefs, and interests. Recently he works mostly with watercolor, acrylic paints, and mixed media on paper. With abstract shapes, and designs, he represents reality in an interesting, and beautiful style.

To learn more about Canaan and explore his artwork, visit his website at https://www.claratyarts.com/canaan-vaage