Yah Kakabutra

Connections Artist Spotlight – Creativity Explored

Kaocrew “Yah” Kakabutra, was born in Thailand in 1989. She joined the Creativity Explored studio in 2011 after moving from Thailand to the US in 1997. Kakabutra communicates through her artworks and her loving, kind, and sociable personality. 

Initially making small-scale works on paper, her mark-making is as diverse as the media with which she uses. Repeated circular forms are made with colored pencils over a background mixture of acrylic and pastel. Alternately, Kakabutra delicately washes watercolors in flowing pastel shades. 

Her willingness to experiment has led Kakabutra to projects that would overwhelm a less confident artist. An experimentalist by nature, Kakabutra’s practice has literally expanded to massive color-rich canvases with varying types of marks created by applying paint with sticks, whips, and brushes of many sizes.

Watch Yah’s YouTube video for Creativity Explored here.
And visit her Creativity Explored website here: https://www.creativityexplored.org/artists/kaocrew-yah-kakabutra