Art Playdate

This is going to be fun!  Enjoy a safe, private environment with your “bubble” of people at the Art Center.  Choose a date and a project and bring your small group to enjoy an hour at the Art Center.  $35 for up to 10 people (adults included) which includes all of the materials, set up, clean up and a facilitator to help explain the projects. Register using the embedded cart at the bottom of the page.

All materials will be set out prior to your arrival.  The facilitator will give instruction at the beginning of the session.  Adults will help their children through the projects and be there to monitor kids with the materials.  There will also be materials set out for kids to explore after they are finished with their projects (such as watercolor paints, dot markers, stickers, art games…)   

The facilitator will wear a mask and remain socially distanced, others must wear a mask to enter the building but may take off their mask when in the classroom.  There is a hand washing station in the classroom.  Temperature check at check-in.  Only one group in the classroom per day (includes all Art Center programs.)  No water fountain will be available so please bring your own water bottles.  No food permitted.

Art experiences:

Mixed-Media Painting Experience:  Use paint and other objects to create a multimedia piece that will be unique and fun to build. 

Play with Clay:  Squash it and squeeze it, stick stuff in it, and create what you want with it.  Then take it home with you and let it dry.  This tactile experience will give kids a chance to explore clay and handmade playdough. 

Exploration with Paint:  Explore many different ways to use paint including experiences like shaving cream painting, liquid watercolors, marble painting, string painting, and resist painting.

Imagination Station:  Let your imaginations lead you as you explore and create from an assortment of interesting materials.  

Painted Wood Sculptures – Lots of fun materials to create colorful 3-dimensional sculptures.

Tactile Play – Explore shaving cream, rice play and clay projects.  Process drives these experiences.

Flower Power– Create your own tissue paper flowers to put into your decorated vase.  Create other garden scenes with paint and markers.

Bug Fun:  Create a 3-dimensional bug friend and a caterpillar to call his friend.  These two projects are colorful and fun.

Fall Fun – Celebrate the season with fall-themed projects using leaves, pumpkins, and other autumn fun.

3 Lil Pigs – Using model magic, create the 3 little pigs and then create their houses out of canisters and other creative materials.  Oh, and don’t forget the wolf.  You will then have everything you need to tell the story of the 3 Little Pigs.


Use the online platform below to select an available playdate and register your group. Only one registration is needed per group. Please indicate which activities you are interested in and how many participants you expect. We currently have dates available through September but may continue the program through the fall if there is interest.