Artists in Residence

The artist-in-residence program supports the Art Center’s mission of connecting people to art, culture, and creativity. We firmly believe that increased understanding of artistic processes leads to increased appreciation for the arts and increased community investment in arts programs. The more you know about the art, the more you value it!

You can find our three artists-in-residence studios on the 2nd floor. Our artists keep different schedules but you will often find one or more at work. You are welcome to stop in and take a look around, even when they aren’t there!

Michelle Noe

Michelle Noe is a professional artist and muralist, with an added love for pet portraits.

David Farmer

David enjoys working in oils and acrylics and is fascinated by old buildings especially ones he finds within interesting landscapes.

Sarah Wiltsee

Sarah Wiltsee is known for her vibrant, abstract paintings.